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    April 27, 2009

    Amazon's "Digital Services"

    An interesting tidbit from a Washington DC periodical Daily Biznow.  Amazon's first quarter sales are up 18% over last year (close to $5 billion).  Here's what's really interesting.  Now 42% of their revenue comes from electronics such as the Kindle rather than books. 

    posted about an HBR article about Amazon in October of 2007.  Jeff Bezos and his management team's emphasis was on helping customers find the right content at the right price in the format they prefer.  It seems that more people are preferring the digital content.  There are a lot of simularities with the AEC reprographics market.  If you are in the business of only printing there is a limited and declining market.  If you are in the business of giving people choices as to how they get content there is a growing market.  Printing still is the preferred option, but having the choice is important.  


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    Tom Taubenheim

    More of our competitors need to realize this by reading your blog and other sources of good information. They must charge for everything digital related. We have a local competitor that eliminated their "plot" charge for b/w! I assume they couldn't justify it. We have been successful for 14 years, but it takes a lot of discussion with the clients and it is tough. Same goes for information management online. We invoice for setup, monthly main., uploading, downloading, scanning, faxing, etc. Many others might just charge for uploading and not anything else. Of course they are not that good with doing it and likely don't understand what it is they should be selling, but it devalues our entire industry when they give it away as printing is declining.

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