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    January 07, 2009

    Selling the Way Your Customers Buy (Even Now)

    2007_hyundai_santa_fe.03[1] "People hate to be sold, but love to buy" the adage goes.  Maybe today they don't love to buy, but still have to.  Too often we are focused on selling our products the way we want to sell them rather than the way our customers want to buy them.  Today people are concerned about the economy and have become risk adverse.  Hyundai put out an interesting program called the Hyundai Assurance Program.  If you lose your job you can return the car.  I assume they have run the numbers to make sure this can work for them, but this is a bold move.  It addresses the risk factor and it also gets them press and credit for being innovative.  I heard an article on NPR last night where the reporter asked the acting CEO whether he thought this might come off as desperate.  I had to laugh.  Didn't I just see the CEO's of the larger US auto manufacturers in front of congress asking for money or they would go bust.  They weren't presenting anything new and innovative that might help people and stimulate the economy.  That looked desperate.  

    Even in a down economy people's will have situations where they need a new car.  There will still be business to be had.  More people will be thinking of Hyundai now and Hyundai may grab a larger share of a small market.

    What can you do to address your customers risk aversion?  Do you have equipment sitting in inventory that could be placed at an FM?  A 2 to 3 year commitment would be nice, but would your customer be more interested in a month to month contract now?


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