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    November 11, 2008

    Reprographics Can Learn from the Music Industry

    The music industry is starting to standardize on what they call 360 Deals.  In a nutshell the record label and the artist gets paid whether a CD is sold, a song is downloaded or any other means that the music is experienced.  

    Those that are becoming successful in a Repro 2.0 business model are taking a similar approach.  They are telling their customers we don't care if you print.  Our goal is to provide you the content you need in whatever medium is most convenient for you (CD's, downloads, on-site printing services, or production printing).  They of course expect to be paid for these services and most customers don't have a problem paying for this service.  Customers guard seems to come down when the realize that the company is not trying to protect their production printing.  They feel like the reprographer is more or a partner listening to their needs rather than someone pushing what they have to sell.


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