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    July 27, 2007

    Google and The Value of a Brand

    Google has been named 'the most improved brand' by a survey of global brands.  The claim the value has risen 44% to $17.8 billion.  Fords brand fell 19% in value and the top three ranked brands were Coca-cola, Microsoft, and IBM in that order.

    The valuation of the brand in this survey subjective and the only real value of a brand (like stock in a company) is what someone is willing to pay for it.  A brand is the embodiment of the companies, innovation, messaging, culture, customer services.  It is truly a shortcut to how Mr. Market sees that company.

    What is your brand?  Is it memorable?  What do customers think when they see your brand?  Do your customers think what you want them to think when they see your brand?  Is it increasing in value or decreasing?


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    Hi John, at SCP we figured early on that in a competitive industry a strong brand is necessary. And the best tool to build it is of course the internet. We have a little disadvantage since the abbreviation SCP is also well known for many other purposes, but I think in our industry we're doing fine. With a 17 year long track record you don't change a company name lightly, so with newer products we chose more recognizable and unique names.

    As for a reprographer, I see this more difficult. A manufacturer has a unique offering. A reprographer basically offers what 10 others in the same city offer too, and thousands of others in the same state. Admittedly in such a situation brand building would be important - but what to build it with?

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