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    June 27, 2007

    The Enterprise

    In Repro 2.0 reprographers utilize the "enterprise".  In Repro 1.0 every location basically runs as its own separate company.  It has sales, production, accounting and enough production equipment to satisfy their customers (including backup equipment).  This is the traditional model and it made sense in the past.  Each location was self sufficient.  It had everything necessary to satisfy their customers.  This model is also easy to manage.  Each location is held accountable for revenue and profits.  In the past there was little reason for locations to work together.  It was too difficult to share work and coordinate resources.

    In the digitally connected world of Repro 2.0 this traditional model is inefficient.  Locations can share work to better satisfy their customers.  Every location does not need to be self sufficient.  Every location does not need backup equipment.  Locations can share resources.  They can share work.  In Repro 2.0 some business functions should be distributed to the branch locations and some business functions should be centralized.  Once this model is implemented it becomes easier to open new locations to better service customers.

    Repro 2.0 companies look at their whole company as a single unit - the enterprise - versus lots of independent locations.  This migration will take rethinking the business model.  Operations will need to change, but also measurement systems.


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