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    June 13, 2007

    Repro 1.0 versus Repro 2.0

    What are the differences between Repro 1.0 and Repro 2.0?

    Repro 1.0

    Repro 2.0

    Printing and copying is primary source of profitability.

    Printing and copying is a sizable component of profits, but shrinking versus growing.

    Digital services are given away to get the printing.

    Digital services are a primary source of profit and revenue growth.

    Each location runs like its own company.

    Each location is part of a larger enterprise

    Mid-volume printers are placed at customers sites to capture lost revenue from production printing.

    Onsite equipment and employees are connected to the enterprise (extraprise )and create new value added services

    Reprographers are seen as a necessary evil.

    Reprographers are seen as an important supplier in the construction supply chain.

    Reprographers compare themselves to other reprographers based on what equipment they own.

    Reprographers compare themselves to other reprographers based on their ability to set and meet customer expectations and deliver unique services.

    Business model revolves around atoms.

    Business model revolves around bits.


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