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    May 31, 2007

    Repro 2.0

    At a conference brainstorming session for a conference in 2003, web pioneer and O’Reilly executive, Dale Dougherty coined the term Web 2.0.  While others were criticizing the excesses of the dotcom era announcing the failure of the Web, Dougherty argued that all was not lost and there were new technologies emerging that would deliver innovations more groundbreaking than previously promised.  Out of the ashes was rising a second wave.  He called it Web 2.0.

    I believe a similar phenomenon is occurring in the AEC reprographics market.  While many are complaining about declining printing volumes and ponder the obsolescence of reprographers, others are seeing new profitable revenue streams develop.  They are retooling their company for an evolution in the industry.  I see this as Repro 2.0.  If Repro 1.0 is an industry that made money on making copies of construction drawings, Repro 2.0 is an industry that provides critical content management and logistics services to the construction industry.  The irony is Repro 2.0 is less about “repro”, and more about content.  Reprographics services are an important component of the services offered, but just a component.

    More to come…


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    michael a. duff

    There is more opportunity in the reprographic community today than any time that I can remember in my 40 plus years in the industry.

    Not only can we be in the AEC service industry, (blue printers) but also in the Advertising, Medical, Educational, Government, Aerospace and Corporate, large and small, black white, color graphics just to name a few.

    We have the opportunity to be digital document Information Handlers, cradle to grave.

    For some time I have thought we in the reprographic world were in the document distribution business, and our prints were how we were paid for our service.

    This way of doing business is changing fast. In the near future I think Web based digital services will be greater than large document printing.

    The cost of equipment, software and service has replaced unskilled labor as cost basis (the bad news) but digital services will be more profitable then the old ways (the good news), if you charge for those digital services that is.

    Success is the result of good judgment, good judgment is a result of experience, and experience is often the result of bad judgment."

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