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    March 23, 2007

    Planning Horizon

    I attended a Gartner Group conference in 2000 where presenters were talking about a "planning horizon".  How far out can you predict what will happen in your market and how will changes affect your business.  People were saying 12 to 18 months was a good planning horizon back then.  I believe this was inflated by dot-com hype, but one thing is certain.  Changes in the market aren't slowing, they are accelerating.  I would challenge anyone to accurately predict what will happen in the market more than 24 months out.  When you make changes in your business or long term commitments you need to ask "What happens if significant changes come about 24 months from now?".  "If I make an investment will it pay for itself in my planning horizon?"


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    I am learning about the "planning horizon" in grad school and came across your blog. I believe, with what is happening in this market, that 24 months is too large of a gap when using a planning horizon. The market is too uncertain right now.

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