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    January 10, 2007

    FDFC versus FIFO

    Most AEC reprographics companies manage their work FIFO (First In First Out) unless there is an exception. The problem is there are a lot of exceptions. What if you could manage your workflow First Due First Completed (FDFC). There is a lot behind this concept, but it should be your goal. Your business will be more profitable and your customers more satisfied.


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    Cathie Duff

    We wrestle -- still -- with understanding what our customers mean by "DUE". If they say that a printing is due on Wednesday and we have still not received the complete order until late Tuesday does that mean the DUE time is changed? Often it does not. But could we have begun work on that job prior to Tuesday evening because it is the First Due? No . . . So the next complete job in the pipeline is running when the origianls finally arrive Tuesday night.

    I agree that a lot of our models are changing in the face of tools that let us make better choices, but how to change the pesky humans on the other side! The consultative approach often wins us better understanding at the top levels of our customers' organizations, but we are still challenged at the eleventh hour by the project manager's time crunch.

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