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    January 31, 2006

    Instructions for Unit Cost Tool

    Below are instructions or any changes to the Unit Cost Tool that was posted on May 3, 2006.


    • The worksheet will work for an individual machine or a group of machines.
      • You must be consisent with the data.  For example if you are including four printers, you must enter the sum of the average monthly volume.  You must enter the sum of the costs.
    • If you self service your equipment then:
      • You do not need to enter any overage fees or minimum square footage.
      • You must enter your labor cost per square foot, and the parts costs.
    • If you are on an all inclusive price per copy program then:
      • You do not need to add paper, toner, and service.  This is accounted for in the minimum service fee and the overage fee.
      • You do not have a depreciation or service fee.
    • If you have a price per copy service but pay for some items (i.e. paper or toner) outside the program then you must enter those costs, but still include the minimum fee and the overage fee.


    Current Unit Cost Spreadsheet download (Last changed May 3, 2006)

    January 17, 2006

    RevLine Video