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    November 06, 2008

    The Change Function

    Pip Coburn has published an insightful book called "The Change Function".  The premise is that change is a function of the "current level of crisis" and the "percieved pain of adoption".  

    Change Function
    Successful technology vendors have focused on minimizing the percieved pain of adoption.  The easier it is to implement something in your company the more likely it is for you make the decision to do it.  In an economic downturn the current level of crisis in areas of your customers business is likely to be elevated.  If you can focus on minimizing the perceived pain of adoption you will see more success and may see your business grow in a downturn.


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    Patrick Feely

    As I was graduating from college and beginning my work career (1981) our great Country was experiencing yet another difficult recessionary period. A wise, savy and veteran of many difficult business cycles provided the following advice: S=E/R (S = Satisfaction, E= Expectations & R = Reality). Personal or business satisfaction levels can only be elevated by either changing your expectations or changing your reality. In either case satisfaction is directly proportionate to the level of change required. As leaders of our organizations the change factor that John references above begins with us!

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