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    November 21, 2006

    Google Acquires YouTube $1.65B...So What?

    I'm sure everyone has heard about Google acquiring YouTube for $1.65B.  You may have said "Wow...that's unbelievable, but what does it have to do with me?"  It may not directly affect you, but you can take advantage of this wave of innovation.  This is just the start of something bigger.  It has everything to do with the Long Tail book I mentioned in a previous post.  One of the cornerstones of this theme is "User Generated Content".  It is now easy for anyone to create video content and put it on line.  The first wave is people posting scenes from the Daily Show, Borat, or college kids sharing videos with each other.  The second wave will be businesses using this technology in some profound ways.  Scott Sheppard, AutoDesk Engineering Project Manager, points his blog readers to a YouTube video that shows how to create a DWF file.  I can embed the same video in my Blog by simply copying the hyper-link from YouTube.

    Do you think this technology could be useful to you?  How much time do your employees spend training customer to create plot files, DWF files, or PDF files?  How much time and money would you save if more digital files were delivered correctly?

    How about a video to show a customer how to order plans from your plan room?

    How about a video to show your employees how to perform simple equipment maintenance tasks?

    The technology to do this is easy and it is getting easier every day.  Here are some links:

    • Recording screen actions to a digital movie - Camtasia
    • Hosting your own private video - VideoEgg
    • Capturing movies - any digital recorder - CNET Recommended budget - Cannon Elura

    Gotcha thinking?


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