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    October 04, 2006

    Job Description

    I was once asked if I could help a reprographer find a manager for a major metropolitan market.  I sent a request to a CEO/Entrepreneurial organization I belong to.  I received many highly qualified responses.  The comment was made by the reprographer the responses may be over qualified and they didn't have any specific experience in the AEC reprographics market.  The responses ranged from former COO's of software companies to entrepreneurs who had sold their companies for millions and were looking for a challenge.  They had experience in operations, technology, and sales and marketing. 

    How did I get such qualified people interested?  It was how I positioned the opportunity.  Here is my message.

    A traditional bricks and mortar company that provides document management services to the construction industry is looking for an executive to manage its operations in [insert geographic area].  The worldwide construction industry is about $3.4 trillion and is in deperate need of more advanced document management products and services.  This company is investing heavily in technology and bringing new products and service to market to compliment its traditional services.  The company is looking for someone that can manage sales and operations in this highly competitive market.  Experience launching and delivering new technologies is a must.

    If I would had said "a reprographer is looking for a branch manager", I would have received zero responses.  Well, I may have received a few "what's a reprographer" messages.  The company came across someone with industry experience that they knew and trusted.  They hired him.  What would things have been like if they chose one of the "over qualified" applicants I provided.  I imagine a little tumultuous.  They may have challenged the status quo, but it may be what the company needed and what the industry needs.  While some are groaning over declining revenues and shrinking market opportunity, I believe there is a large growing opportunity.  First you need to believe it yourself.  Then you need to bring people into your company that can help you achieve it.  To attract these people you need to sell them on the future and the opportunity.  You can't sell them on the way it was or even the way it is.

    Feel free to use excerpts or derivations of the description above to attract people to your company.


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