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    October 25, 2006

    Where is the Construction?

    PLP does business around the globe  It is always fascinating to get outside of the U.S. and see what is happening in other regions.  We have customers in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  Here is some recent feedback on the state of construction in Dubai.

    • There is currently $200 billion worth of construction projects ongoing
    • 25% of the building cranes in the world are operating in the Dubai region
    • UAE is roughly the size of South Carolina
    • Dubai (an emirate, or "a state" of UAE) is roughly the size of Rhode Island
    • The only affordable housing is north of Dubai.  All traffic must cross one bridge and two tunnels.  Needless to say traffic is a problem.
    • Internet connections are so slow (2 hrs to download 200MB) that most companies distribute drawings on CD's
    • Even with horrendous traffic it is still more timely to courier CD's

    Lots of opportunity and plenty of challenges!

    Below are some photographs showing the construction in Dubai.


    The Palm Islands


    Three man made islands that are visible from space.

    The World Islands

    The_world_islands Archipelago of man made islands that depict the world.  One could be yours for a mere $15M.

    Burj Dubai

    The world's tallest building to include residential space.  (estimated to be 2,313 ft and 160 floors)




    The Dubai Marina Project



    Burj Al Arab

    Hotel_sail_1 The worlds first 7 star hotel.  Only $2,560 a night for a standard room.



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    Cathie Duff

    Reading this post -- now that the building is open! -- gives one pause.

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