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    October 03, 2006

    Connecting the Dots

    Apparently several readers of the blog were confused about the relevance of the previous post to the reprographics industry.  Let me try to connect the dots:

    • Music Industry: Music Media
    • Reprographics Industry Construction Media
    • Old Model: Selling CD's, Selling Copy's
    • New Model: Content Aggregation and Distribution (in multiple media formats)
    • Old Revenue Model: Pay per unit
    • New Revenue Model: Subscription

    With the use of digital document management technologies and on-line access to this information there are many ways to provide a better service to customers.  This can be more profitable than the traditional business.

    I was at the CRA show in Austin last week and heard a presentation from S. "Mohan" Chandramohan, American Reprographics Company CEO.  He provide several thought provoking quotes in his presentation.  He mentioned that giving away digital services to get more printing is like "burning furniture to warm your house".  Whether he is practicing what he preaches is not for me to comment on.  I don't have enough direct experience, but I do believe he "gets it".


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