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    September 07, 2006

    What do Reprographers and iTunes have in Common?

    As I read the book "The Long Tail" a thought came into my head;  Apple's iTunes music service and Reprographers have a lot in common.  Chris Anderson references iTunes often in his examples of Long Tail dynamics.  I realized that some of the dynamics that were occurring in the music industry were also occurring in the construction document distribution market.  Here are some examples.




    Construction Document Distribution


    Music was previously burned onto albums and pushed to consumers, now it is posted on-line and consumers pull the music when they need it.


    Construction sets used to be pushed out to contractors, now sets are more frequently posted on-line and contractors can select which projects they want.


    Previously, if a consumer liked a song he would purchase the album. This would give him the songs he liked, but also other songs that he may not care for.


    Contractors would often get full sets, now they select the sheets they want [disclaimer:  not always what they need.]


    Musicians initially fought on-line distribution of music, now most of them embrace it.


    Architects fought on-line plan distribution, now most of them embrace it.


    Artists that may not have been “found” previously, now have a means to get their music into consumer's play lists.


    Contractors now have a means to look at and bid contracts they may not have previously known about.


    The digital music business model has to deal with delivering many singles versus albums.


    Reprographers are having to deal with many more small orders rather than large distribution sets.



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