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    September 14, 2006

    Do Your Printers Run More than 2 Hours a Day?

    Somebody commented that 425,000 square feet on a printer a month was a lot.  This means your printer is printing for 2.5 hours a day on a KIP 8000.  This is 31% utilization for an 8 hour work day.

    Here's the math:

    • 22 D's a minute or 7,920 sqft / hour
    • 21 Workdays per month
    • 425,000 sqft a month is 20,238 sqft per workday
    • 20,238 sqft per workday / 7,920 sqft per hour is 2.56 hours per workday

    200,000 sqft per month is 1.2 hours per day!  How many hours per day are your printers running?



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