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    July 13, 2006

    Branding AEC Reprographics - 3 Scenarios

    I have had several discussions with reprographers and vendors in the industry regarding the previous post.  One thing is certain, there is a growing discomfort when somebody asks "So what kind of company are you?"  As more traditional blueprinters make technology based services a core part of their offering there is confusion around this issue.  This branding issue manifests itself in three ways:

    1. What do you call yourself?  Reprographer, Blueprinter, Construction Information Manager?
    2. What do you name your company?  ABC Blue, ABC Imaging, ABC Technology, etc.
    3. How do we brand the industry trade association?

    Each of these needs attention because prospects and customers need to put you into a category and all of these can have an impact on this.  But it is important to realize that even though they are highly correlated they are separate initiatives.  I would argue that #1 is the more important and should be addressed at a higher level by the affinity groups, the IRgA or a combination.  It hurts the industry if sales people feel uncomfortable describing what they are.  It is also important that there is some broad market recognition for a new category of services.


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