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    April 08, 2006

    Enter the Blogosphere

    This is my first entry into the “blogosphere”. When I first started hearing about Blogs, I had a very negative reaction. They always seemed to be associated with a disgruntled employee exposing corporate dirty laundry, or people with way too much time on their hand writing about insignificant things happening in their life. Not something I’m particularly interested in. My interest was perked by an article written in BusinessWeek touting the imminent impact that Blogs will have on business.

    I became a believe when I attended a seminar hosted by Seth Godin. Seth is a marketing guru and author of six best selling books. Seth drove home his concepts around permission marketing. He described blogs as the ultimate form of permission marketing. People will subscribe to your blog if they find what you have to say interesting. If you are not interesting they will “turn you off”. It is an opportunity for everyone to have their own sixty minutes, but your air time is 100% Darwinist.

    As the CEO of my company one of my primary responsibilities to stay in touch with our target market, and to stay in touch with what is happening in other markets that may have relevance to our market. This is my opportunity to share these observations with our customers, partners, and prospects.

    I am very passionate about our business, the commercial reprographics market, and the construction industry. I believe that with the right direction, and commitment to change the opportunities are limitless.

    I hope through this blog I can point out interesting trends, statistics and anecdotes that will at the very least cause readers to look at things a little different. Ideally I’d like readers to make fundamental changes to their business and seize the many opportunities in front of them. My motive is partially altruistic and partially self serving. I hope that as people seize opportunities that we will be invited to be a part of if.

    Please stay tuned…


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